Here are some of the most common easy fixes you can do yourself before paying someone to come out and do it for you.



 1.Check the Thermostat. Does the battery need to be replaced?

If so, replace and check if there is a reset switch somewhere on your thermostat when you do so.  Some thermostats have a reset switch so if you change your batteries and do not press the reset switch, it won’t work.

2. Check the temperature setting.

Is it set to cool/heat and is the setting lower/higher than the current temperature in the house?

3.  Is the fan running continually?  

Your thermostat may be set to “Fan”  or “Circ” instead of “Auto” where is should be unless you want the fan on.


4. Check the Fuse or Circuit Breaker.

Visually check that the Breaker is on. Then turn it off and back on once. Even though it looks on it may need to be reset 

Please Note:  Most newer thermostats have a lockout period to prevent damaging the compressor.  If you turn the system off and on, switch between heat and cool or turn the temperature up or down the system will lock out. Normally for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. The system will start again after the lock out period. 

5.  Check the Air Filter.

A dirty Air Filter will reduce air flow resulting in either a frozen A/C or overheated furnace. The filter should be changed every few months or more depending on where you live. Never run the system without a filter; this will allow debris to get clogged in the coil.

6. Are your Vents open?

A lot of people think they are saving money by closing the vents in unused areas. But, this acts just like a clogged filter reducing the air flow and could freeze the A/C or overheat the furnace.

7. Is your filter grill blocked?

Furniture that has been moved in front of a air registers or grills can create problems for the HVAC system. Make sure nothing is blocking vents or grills, and that sufficient flow is possible.


If you have a gas furnace, is your pilot lit?  Is your gas on?

If after going through this check list the HVAC issue still persists or hasn’t been diagnosed, please give us a call to schedule service.

We can be reached 24/7 by calling (530) 865-2457. If you call after hours please leave a message and we will get right back to you.  

We look forward to assisting you with all your HVAC service needs.